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        保潔服務內容 Cleaning service content 作為一名保潔人員,不能只懂得打掃衛生,還要明白自己具體的工作任務。如果工作的糊里糊涂,你很快就會厭煩你的工作。一般要求保潔人員要做的有: As a maintenance staff, can not only know the cleaning, also understand their specific work tasks. If work goofs off, you will soon get tired of your work. General requirements cleaning personnel should do are: 1、根據實際情況合理布設果皮箱或垃圾桶,垃圾清運日產日清,無垃圾桶、果皮箱滿溢現象,保持垃圾設施清潔、無異味;垃圾袋裝化。 1, according to the actual situation rationally designed garbage or trash can, trash pickup nissan nissin, trash bins overflowing phenomenon, no keep garbage facilities clean, no peculiar smell; Garbage DaiZhuangHua. 2、有健全的保潔制度,道路、廣場、停車場、綠地等公共區域設專人保潔,每天清掃2次;一層共用大廳每日拖洗1次;樓梯扶手每日擦洗1次;共用部位玻璃每周清潔1次;室外標識、宣傳欄、信報箱等共用部位設施設備每周擦拭2次;路燈、樓道燈每月清潔1次。 2, has a perfect cleaning system, road, square, parking lot, the green public area designated persons such as cleaning, cleaning twice a day. A layer of common hall mop 1 times a day; Stair armrest scrub 1 times a day; Common place glass cleaning 1 times a week; Outdoor signs, publicity column, such as' mailboxes common place facilities wiping 2 times per week; Street lamp, corridor lamp clean once a month. 3、共用雨、污水管道每年疏通1次;雨水井、化糞井、污水井每月檢查1次,視檢查情況及時清掏,保持通暢,無堵塞外溢;化糞池每月檢查1次,每半年清掏1次,發現異常及時清掏。 3, sharing the rain, sewage pipeline dredge 1 time every year; Well rain, sewage and sewage well check once a month, according to the condition of check timely and clear cut, keep unobstructed, without clogging spillover; Septic tank check once a month, every six months to pay 1 time, clear out if it is abnormal. 4、二次供水水箱按規定清洗,定時巡查,水質符合衛生要求。 And secondary water supply tank cleaning, by regular inspections, the water quality conforms to the hygienic requirements. 5、進行保潔巡查,樓道內無亂懸掛、亂貼亂畫、亂堆放等現象。 5, cleaning, and no disorderly suspended, disorderly stick in the corridor, and disorderly piled up wait for a phenomenon. 6、建立消殺工作管理制度,根據園區實際情況開展毒和滅蟲除害工作,適時投放消殺藥物,有效控制鼠、蟑、蚊、蠅等害蟲孳生。 6, to set up the sanitizers work management system, according to the actual situation to carry out the poison and joins the elimination of work, timely delivery, xiaosha drugs control rat, bombs, propagation of mosquitoes, flies and other insects. 7、公共通道每日定時清掃,樓梯扶手每日定時清擦不少于1次,公共部位門、內窗每周實時清擦不少于2次,外窗視情況急時清擦。 7, public channel daily regular cleaning, stair handrail daily time not less than 1 times, public area door, window real-time qing not less than 2 times a week, qing wipe outside the window as urgent case. 8、一層共用大廳、電梯候梯廳每日清潔不少于3次,電梯轎箱墻每日清擦不少于3次,電梯轎箱地面保持清潔,視天氣情況及時保潔一層共用大廳、電梯候梯廳、果殼箱并配備專人不間斷的清潔、保潔,并對過往顧客有禮貌避讓。 8, a layer of Shared hall, elevator waiting hall clean is not less than three times a day, the elevator wall daily fresh, not less than 3 times the elevator car ground clean, cleaning in time according to the weather situation a layer of common elevator waiting hall, hall, nut shell dustbin and provide uninterrupted cleaning, cleaning, and polite to past customers give way. 9、對園區內設置的垃圾桶、果殼箱做到日產日清,保持垃圾桶、果殼箱周邊清潔,定期進行衛生消殺,消殺每周不低于3次。 9, to set up garbage cans in the park, nut shell dustbin do nissan nissin, keep the trash can, nut shell dustbin clean, regular health sanitizers, xiaosha is not lower than three times a week.


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