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        步梯的清掃保潔程序以及注意事項 Cleaning procedures and precautions of the 1 corridor and step ladder 人員來往頻繁,多處于不間斷使用狀態,容易被臟污。步梯,尤其是自動扶梯的清掃,屬立體作業。電梯門、電梯轎廂、樓梯扶手多為不銹鋼或鍍鋅、鍍鉻材料,容易被腐蝕變色。 People are often in a state of uninterrupted use and easy to be dirty. Step ladder, especially the escalator cleaning, is a three-dimensional operation. The elevator doors, the elevator cars and the staircase armrest are mostly stainless steel or galvanized and chrome plated materials, easily corrupted by corrosion. 2 Two 日常保潔項目 Daily cleaning project 1) 清掃走廊和步梯地面的垃圾、塵土。 1) clean up the rubbish and dust on the ground of the corridor and step ladder. 2) 擦拭走廊墻壁和墻壁飾物、標牌等。 2) wipe the walls of the corridor and wall decorations, signs and so on. 3) 擦拭走廊內花架等擺設及消防栓等設施。 3) clean corridor flower decoration and fire hydrant facilities etc.. 3 Three 注意事項 Matters needing attention 1) 清掃樓梯一般從上到下倒退著作業,要注意安全,避免跌落事故。 1) clean the staircase, usually from upper to lower back and down work, to pay attention to safety, to avoid falling accidents. 2) 清掃樓梯為立體作業,不能讓垃圾、塵土等從樓梯邊落下去。拖擦時,地拖不能太濕,不能讓樓梯邊側留下污水跡。 2) clean the staircase for three-dimensional operation, and can't let the garbage, dust, and so on from the staircase. The towing of the ground can not be too wet to leave the sewerage track on the side of the staircase. 3) 事先了解確認電梯門、電梯轎廂壁液壓鋼壩板、樓梯扶手所用的材質,然后選用相應的清潔劑。一般應做試驗后才能大量使用,以防損壞及腐蝕材質。 3) understand the material used in the elevator door, the elevator car wall panel, the staircase handrail, and then choose the appropriate cleaning agent. In general, a large number of tests should be done to prevent damage and corrosion of the material. 4) 清掃自動扶梯時,應在停止運作時進行,以確保安全。 4) when the escalator is cleaned, it should be carried out at the time of stopping operation to ensure safety. 5) 用清潔劑刷洗步梯時,應豎立中英文的“工作進行中”告示牌,并用攔護繩攔護,以防行人滑倒跌落。 5) when cleaning the ladder with detergent, the "work in" sign should be erected in English and English, and the guard rope is used to prevent the pedestrians from falling and falling


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