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        1.日常護理時可通過抖動、拍打的方式去除上毯子上的灰塵。 2.但若遇上飲料不慎潑灑,導致毛毯小范圍弄臟,可用吸收力強的白毛巾沾40攝氏度左右的溫水輕輕擦拭。 3.如果毛毯局部沾有油污,清水難以實現洗清目的,這時可局部使用弱堿性的溫和洗滌劑輕輕擦拭,然后再用吸收力強的白毛巾沾40攝氏度左右的溫水輕輕擦拭干凈。 4.碰上大范圍的臟污也別慌張,將洗衣機調至輕柔檔,加入酸性或弱堿性的溫和洗滌劑攪勻后緩和水洗,甩干水后進行晾曬。 溫馨提示: 收藏時須將毛毯平整折疊放入柜中或袋內,防止擠壓,可保持毛毯質地富有彈性,護理更佳。 1. daily care can remove dust on the blankets by shaking and flapping. 2. but if accidentally spilled drinks, resulting in small range of dirty blankets, white towels available with strong absorption around 40 degrees Celsius warm water gently wipe. 3. if local blankets contaminated, wash water is difficult to achieve the objective, then can use local alkalescent mild detergent gently wipe, and then use the white towel with strong absorption around 40 degrees Celsius warm water and gently wipe clean. 4., don't panic when you face a lot of dirty. Turn the washing machine to a gentle file. Add mild or mild alkaline detergent to mix it up, then wash it gently and dry it after drying. Warm hints: when collecting the blankets, it is necessary to fold the blankets in the cabinet or bag to prevent the extrusion. It can keep the texture of the blanket with elasticity and better nursing


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