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        給地板打蠟能去污上光,增加美感,又可防蟲、防潮、防開裂、延長地板使用壽命,打蠟是地板保養的必要措施,但是在給地板打蠟的時候,如果方法不當將產生液壓鋼壩  泛白、圈痕以及變色等現象,適得其反,所以在地板打蠟時一定要注意以下事項。 To wax the floor can decontamination glazing, increase the aesthetic feeling, insect-resistant, moistureproof, prevent craze, prolong the service life of the floor, waxing floor maintenance is the necessary measures, but when to wax the floor, if improper methods will produce the phenomenon such as white, circle mark and discoloration, backfire, so when the floor waxing must pay attention to the following. 1.充分干燥 1. Fully dry 地板表面和溝槽部的水分完全干燥方可打蠟。根據季節不同,打蠟所需時間也有所不同,但大致要花半天以上。如沒有經過充分干燥,地板蠟將不會緊密附著在地板表面,影響美觀,產生泛白現象。 The surface of the floor and the water of the groove are completely dry before waxing. Depending on the season, it takes time to wax and wax, but it takes more than half a day. If not thoroughly dry, the ground wax will not be closely attached to the floor surface, the effect is beautiful, produce the white phenomenon. 2.打蠟方法 2. Waxing method 搖晃裝有地板蠟的容器并充分攪拌均勻。房間的地板整體打蠟前要在房間的角落等不醒目之處進行局部試用,確認有無異常。為防止地板蠟污染墻踢腳線和家具,要用膠帶紙等對上述部位遮蓋。用干凈的抹布充分浸蘸地板蠟,以不滴落為宜。不可將地板蠟直接倒在地板上,否則會產生痕漬和圈痕。按照地板的木紋方向仔細涂抹、不要漏涂或薄厚不均。涂抹量過少會造成濃淡不均,涂抹過多又會導致造膜不良,保持薄厚均勻是打蠟的關鍵,不可用水稀釋地板蠟。打蠟工具可使用打蠟專用拖布,操作簡便、效果理想。 Shake the container with the ground wax and stir well. The floor of the room of the room is to be in the corner of the room when the whole is waxed to wait for not conspicuous place to undertake local trial, confirm whether have abnormality. In order to prevent the floor wax pollution wall from kicking the thread and furniture, use tape paper to cover the above areas. Use a clean cloth to dip the dip in the floor wax, to not drop to appropriate. Do not pour floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise will produce mark and ring mark. According to the grain direction of the floor carefully daub, do not leak or thin and uneven. Excessive amount of smudge will cause a lot of unevenness, too much daub can result in poor film making, maintaining thin thickness is the key to waxing, and it is not necessary to dilute the surface wax with water. Waxing tools can be used for the use of waxing special mop, easy to operate, the effect ideal. 3.地板蠟的干燥時間 The drying time of floor wax 干燥通常要花20分鐘到1個小時。如有漏涂要進行補涂。如采用兩次打蠟的方式,第二次涂抹要在第一次完全干燥后進行。每6個月左右打一次蠟可以長期保持地板美觀。 It usually takes 20 minutes to an hour to dry. Make up if there is any leakage. If two waxes are used, the second smear should be done after the first completely dry. Polish the wax every six months or so for a long time to keep the floor beautiful


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