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        1、 玻璃清洗:先用毛察沾上稀釋后的玻璃水溶液,均勻的從上到下涂抹玻璃,污漬嚴重的地方多涂抹幾次,然后用玻璃刮刀從上到下刮干凈,再用干毛巾擦凈框戶上留下的水痕,玻璃上的水痕用機皮擦拭干凈。
        1. Glass cleaning: first, dip the diluted glass water solution with a Maocha, and smear the glass evenly from the top to the bottom. If the stain is serious, smear it several times more. Then scrape it with a glass scraper from top to bottom. Then wipe the water mark on the frame with a dry towel. Wipe the water mark on the glass with the machine skin.
        2. Toilet cleaning: wipe the toilet from top to bottom with a wet towel dipped with detergent, focusing on the treatment of the dead corner left by reclamation and cleaning, sanitary ware and stainless steel pipe fittings, and then wipe it with dry towel.
        3、 清洗廚房:用濕毛巾再一次全方位的擦拭一遍,著重地面與邊角等處,廚具及各種不銹鋼管件,然后用干毛巾再重復一次,用不銹鋼養護液擦井蓋鋼模具 U型槽模具 天津水處理設備 檢查井鋼模具 保定公司注冊 u型槽模具 流水槽模具 拭各種不銹鋼管件。
        3. Cleaning the kitchen: wipe the kitchen with wet towel again, focusing on the floor and corners, kitchen utensils and various stainless steel pipe fittings, and then repeat it with dry towel, and wipe various stainless steel pipe fittings with stainless steel curing liquid.
        4、 臥室及大廳保潔:用雞毛撣子清除墻面上的塵土,擦拭開關盒、排風口、空調口、排煙置等。
        4. Cleaning of bedroom and Hall: use feather duster to remove the dust on the wall, wipe the switch box, air outlet, air conditioner outlet, smoke exhaust device, etc.
        5、 門及框的保潔:把毛巾疊成方塊,從上到下擦拭,去掉膠水點等污漬,擦拭門框、門角等易被路忽視的地方,全面擦拭后,噴上家私蠟。
        5. Door and frame cleaning: fold towel into square, wipe from top to bottom, remove stains such as glue spots, wipe door frames, door corners and other


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