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        The kitchen is always a health and clean area in the home, after all, all kinds of fumes, food residue, and so on, will cause trouble for cleaning. For a lot of stubborn stains, housewives are in the eyes. They are anxious in mind, but do not know how to clear them. If the method is not right, they will cause damage to household electrical appliances. Today, I will introduce you to six kitchen cleaning tips to keep your kitchen clean and clean.
        1 煙機濾網清洗 很多人用很多清潔劑,發現都很難去除油煙機上的污漬,其實,油煙機的清洗可以利用家中常見的物品——面粉。面粉加水調成較稠的糊狀,再用廢舊牙刷蘸,在濾網上以劃小圈的方式刷洗,再用清水沖洗,濾網就潔凈如初了。
        1, smoke filter cleaning, many people use a lot of detergents, it is difficult to remove stains on lampblack machine. In fact, the cleaning of cooking fumes can make use of the common objects flour. The flour with water into a thick paste, and then used a toothbrush dipped in the strainer, to draw a small circle of scrub, then rinse with water will clean the strainer.
        2 灶臺鍋架清洗 鍋架上的油污、食物漬十分頑固,很難清理??梢栽谡翦佒屑铀?,將倒扣放在蒸屜上,在水中加一些小蘇打,加蓋子蒸10分鐘左右。然后戴著手套趁熱將鍋架放入溫水中,用布用力擦除,鍋架就能夠煥然一新了。
        The oil pollution and food stains on the 2 cooker rack cleaning pot are very stubborn and difficult to clean up. You can add water in the steamer, will buckle on the steamer, in water and baking soda, add cover and steam for 10 minutes. Then wear gloves while hot to put the pot into the warm water, use the cloth force to erase, the pot will be new.
        3 水槽安全清潔 水槽內壁容易沾掛油污,而用布清潔水槽,又容易將內壁劃花怎么辦?其實利用我們每天吃剩的蘋果核就能完成清潔工作。把果核切開,反復涂擦水槽內壁,蘋果核中的果膠就能夠很好地去除油污,適合每天使用,既能廢物利用又不傷害水槽。
        3 the inner wall of the sink safe and clean water tank is easy to stain with oil, and it is easy to clean the inner wall with the cloth. In fact, we can use the leftover Apple kernel every day to finish the cleaning work. The stone cut repeatedly rubbed the internal wall of the trough, apple pectin in the nucleus will be able to remove the oil, suitable for daily use, which can make use of waste water and not damage.
        4 廚房玻璃去污 廚房窗戶的玻璃因為長期的使用,會附上許多煮飯時殘留的油污,這時我們可以請保鮮膜來幫幫忙。將清潔劑均勻的噴到油污比較厚的玻璃上,然后在貼上保鮮膜。保鮮膜會讓玻璃窗上的油污充分軟化,等十分鐘后,撕去保鮮膜,用抹布擦拭就立即干凈了,簡單方便。
        4 kitchen glass decontamination kitchen window glass, because long-term use, will be attached to a lot of oil residue during cooking, then we can ask for fresh-keeping film to help. Spray the cleaners evenly over the thicker glass, and then put the fresh-keeping film on. The fresh-keeping film will allow the glass window to fully soften the oil, after ten minutes, tearing off the fresh-keeping film, wiping with a rag immediately clean, simple and convenient


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